My name is Jack Pelham and BibleInvestigation.com is my work.  (Here I am in an old photo with my wife, Kay.)  I’m a free thinker in my late 40s and have invested several thousands of hours in researching and analyzing Christian beliefs over the past three decades.  Having been a member of several different brands of churches, and having had hundreds of online and email discussions and debates with believers of all stripes, I have been continually troubled by both the behavior and the thought processes that are prominent in most every church today.

While doctrine can certainly be hard to rightly discern from the scriptures, righteous behavior is certainly not hard at all to discern.  Even so, I find (and so do several interesting studies and surveys) that churchgoers are statistically no more likely to be righteous than are the unchurched.  Similarly, the justifications for various positions of belief in the churches are quite often irresponsible, ignorant, presumptuous, or just downright dishonest.  Having previously engaged in all of these types of bad argumentation myself, and having been eventually convinced that these things are inappropriate for a person acknowledging the truthfulness of God and Jesus, I have now turned my attentions toward righting as many doctrinal wrongs as possible.

I have no delusions that the world will be a path to my door, however, as few believers seem interested in this sort of investigation.  But for those who may find my work useful, I offer up this website.  I regret that I cannot devote myself to it full time, so I must beg the visitor’s patience as it grows over the next few years.



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