About “Then vs. Now”

If you’re a Christian in the 21st century, what is your religion based on?  Here are some fairly obvious possibilities that come to mind:

  • The Bible
  • The traditions of your church
  • Your own reasoning, feelings, or imagination

Most Christians, I would imagine, base their religion on a mixture of these three, but what do you suppose they tell themselves?  Don’t they tell themselves that they “go by the Bible”?

I Google that phrase—“go by the Bible” and I got 9,120,000 hits!  So it appears to be a really popular idea, whether it is practiced well or not.  And that raises two fairly important questions:

  1. Is church today like it was in the Bible?
  2. Is church today supposed to be like the church in the Bible?

How you answer these two questions will determine a great deal about your religious life, about the nature of your church, and about your outlook on the world.   These articles, therefore, are aimed at helping you to “do the math” for yourself, based upon the Bible, your (honest) observations of what’s happening today, and upon sound reasoning.



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