The Extraordinary Visit of Benjamin True

If an angel were to visit the State of the Union Address, what do you think he might say?

I don’t normally talk much about politics on this website, but I’ve just published a novel that takes a fresh approach to introducing some good thinking to politics and religion alike—at a very fundamental level. It’s not your typical laundry list of left/right talking points, but an examination of what kind of people we are, and how Americans really ought to step it up as overseers of our own federal government. It also hits a grand slam for federal term limits, which over 70% of Americans (from both parties) want.

Here’s the back cover copy:

When an angel pops in to take over the State of the Union Address, business as usual in Washington comes to a screeching halt. The standard excuses no longer fly, the typical coverup dissolves, and the corruption of the two parties is laid bare. His shocking message of honesty, rationality, and responsibility shatters the routine and paves the way for authentic citizens to begin the work of making things right. For the first time—in a very long time—there comes a new reason to hope. That is, unless they can find a way to shut Benjamin True down.

If you’re interested in a fresh perspective on the big picture of American politics and religion, get a copy and see what you think!