One-time mentions in the Bible

I hope the reader will forgive the cursory nature of this post as it simply constitutes at this point notes for a later article.  The title above represents more than simply a trivial fancy; the idea is that an appreciable number of things, some very important, and some perhaps not, are mentioned a very few times in the Bible…even as few as one.  And why is this noteworthy?  It’s because it suggests that these things were already known to the original audiences of the works in which they appear.

The great mystery, of course, is why they are not all known to us!  That is, why didn’t the Bible authors tell us enough that we could understand these things?  For instance, Paul mentions “the Third Heaven” on one occasion.  Nowhere else is it mentioned in the Bible.  Furthermore, nowhere else is any ordinal number, such as first or second, used to describe any heaven.  So we have absolutely no idea from the whole of the Bible what Paul was writing about.  Paul did, however.  And judging by the context of his comment, so did his audience!

This has lots of implications, such as:

  1. If they knew what he meant, why don’t we?
  2. If they needed to know what he meant, why don’t we?
  3. If they had this information, and we don’t, then where did they get it?
  4. Has the original source of this information been lost?
  5. Was the original source of this information once considered “scripture”, as most believers today consider the Bible texts to be scripture?
  6. Just what are we missing out on, if anything, that we don’t know these things that have been known by the faithful throughout the millennia that cam before us?

Whatever the answers to these questions might be, it certainly rattles at least a bit the certainty that a great many believers have about the actual nature of the Bible.  For example, those who believe that the Bible is “complete” may find these facts difficult to explain.

NOTE:  Please also read the article:  Important Accounts Absent From The Bible.

Here’s the growing list of items that will eventually be addressed in this present article.

  • God preparing to kill Moses
  • Jeptha’s daughter
  • Resurrection of Matthew 27
  • Third Heaven
  • Shall I come with a whip?
  • The spiritual gift of “discerning of spirits”.  1 Corinthians 12:10
  • The spiritual gift of “helps”.  1 Corinthians 12:28
  • The spiritual gift of “administrations”.  1 Corinthians 12:28

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